Guild Wars 2: A Giant on the Seventh Floor

The professions of Cable and Latvia were close combat, so they could not hit the monster now, Santana was fire elementalist, but there was so much fire on the body of the monster, so she could not deal with the monster. Only the ice of the ice empress and the arrow of Dakar were useful now, we even did not need to use our cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the Ice Storm and the Disabled Shooting, and then the monster was killed finally. We were too tired, it consumed much time, if there were two monsters at the same time, we did not know what to do.

We got a new weapon again; the Lost Tower was really a good place of getting good weapons! We also got much Guild Wars 2 gold. This Fire Axe was the one of the monster, now we had a chance to see it clearly, and I found that it was really nice.

“I know you will die early, because you could not use the axe as well as me, so I will get your axe, because you are dead now, so you could not use it again.” Latvia said to the dead body of the monster, and then she took the axe away, and she even did not ask us.

“It looks like a butcher’s knife!” Dakar said, but I thought he was too stupid, Latvia liked this axe very much, but he said that it was a butcher’s knife, was not he afraid of Latvia? But after I looked at it carefully, and then I found that it really looked like a butcher’s knife.

“Shit, this is an elite axe, you could not buy it with all of your Guild Wars 2 gold, and do you know?” Latvia was very angry.

“Don’t be angry, we are in a team, and we are friends; don’t let this trifling matter affect our good relationship.” I said.

“But…… but that weapon really looks like a butcher’s knife, I only want to use it to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” Dakar said quietly, it seemed that he was still a little afraid of Latvia.

I felt he was too stupid, we helped him, but he did not know our meaning, if Latvia hit him, we would not help him again.

“Well, I will show you the power of it.” Latvia hit Dakar with the knife, as if she was his mother