Distrusting the Ice Empress in Guild Wars 2

Oh my god, the death cavalry was not the soldier, he was an assassin. The skill could hit enemy very fast, and it could interrupt the movement of the goal, the function was as the same as the skill of a freelancer.

The enemy hit Cable quickly, and then Cable lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, a soldier had strongest ability of defense in Guild Wars 2, if the enemy hit Polly or I just now, we might die.

The death cavalry used the third skill, and the light sword was flying around us.

After he used the suit of the skills, he started them again, because the three skills had short cooling time, so he could use them continuously. We even had no enough time to resist him and buy Guild Wars 2 gold. But even if he was strong, he was still an assassin, so he could also be blocked. In fact, the assassin was afraid of the evasive enchantment, because the skills of an assassin were continuous, if he was blocked, he could not use the other skills.

After the cavalry was killed by us, there was a dagger, of course, the blade was very long, and all of us thought it was a sword before.

It was the Thor’s Edge, it had good attribute, but there was no assassin in our team, so I put it away. Maybe I could call Kaiser out to play it sometimes, I thought he would thank me, in fact, I missed him a little.

“Well done, ice empress; you could take them here.” We heard a cold voice suddenly, and then a cavalry came out from the darkness.

He was Graf, and he was in level 28, of course, he had much Guild Wars 2 gold.

He wore black armor, his sword was different, it was not blue, and it was as red as blood. The sword had a serrated blade; I thought that if I was hit by the sword, I would lose much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.

But what did he want to say? Were we the preys? I had a bad feeling, maybe the ice empress cheated us, if it was true, and the ice empress was too insidious.

“Graf, watch what you say, I won’t cheat my friends.” The ice empress knew the meaning of the words of the cavalry, so she explained quickly, but I felt she told a lie.

I did not know what to say, because I was very sad.