Guild Wars 2: Taking about the Ice empress

“Is that true?” I looked at the ice empress with distrustful eyes, though I did not want to distrust her, but I must care my mates and my Guild Wars 2 gold, because if they died because of my fault, I would regret very much.

“Of course, I am sure, Dylan, please trust me!” The ice empress said to me with tender voice, as if she wanted me to remember that night.

“Ice empress, you don’t need to pretend to be a friend of them again. The White Mantle promised you that as long as you killed them, your friend would be free, and he will give you much Guild Wars 2 gold.”

Graf said seriously, after a while, he added: “You could kill them with your own way, you may kill them with the help of the dwarves of the Stone Summit, or you could also take them to the Lost Tower.”

“Ice empress, tell me, what he said is true, is it right?” I was very angry this time; I could not believe that she was such a bad woman.

“Yes.” The ice empress said tortuously, and she cried, I never saw such an expression of her before, I did。

“You are a bitch, I will kill you!” After the ice empress acknowledged, Latvia was very angry, and she wanted to kill the ice empress.

“No!” The ice empress closed her eyes, and she thought she would die; she even did not use her skill and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Latvia, calm down, let’s listen to her explanation.” I stopped Latvia, because I felt that the ice empress wanted to tell us something, and the situation was not as easy as what Graf said.

If the ice empress was really bad, she did not need to explain to us now, she could hit us with Graf together.

“I have something to say.” After a while, the ice empress said: “The White Mantle promised me before, but I am not sure that whether he will really release my friend, he could threaten me with Baroque, as long as Baroque is closed by him, I have to listen to the White Mantle, but I word for him not because the Guild Wars 2 gold.” The ice empress said sadly.

“Yes, you are right, you are powerful, if he drops you, and it is a pity, if I am the White Mantle, I won’t let you leave.” In fact, I felt she was so sexy, and I wanted to get her.