The Fly Evil in Guild Wars 2

“What is the monster?” I did not remember that there was such a kind of monster in Guild Wars 2, maybe it was created by the White Mantle, and the White Mantle must give it much Guild Wars 2 gold.

“It is an elementalist, and it is good at using fire magic. But it could also use the Flat Thunder as the incantation sorcerer.” The ice empress said, and then she looked at her palm, as if she wanted to say: “I could use the Flat Thunder before, but now I am the hero wraith, so I forget it.”

It seemed that she was a little sad, and I did not know how to sedate her.

“It is the Flat Thunder again, why do you use it together?” All of us felt the skill was too boring.

“It doesn’t matter, it only needs us to be more careful, I had the skill before, but you also defeated me with your skills and Guild Wars 2 gold.” The ice empress said quietly, and then she smiled sweetly.

I felt a little embarrassed, because I could not tell my mates how I defeated the ice empress, if Polly knew that, maybe she would look down upon me. Of course, there were still Jane and Zaria.

We came to the fourth floor with care, but we did not think a monster was waiting for us with its skill and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold there.

It was the Flat Thunder, it was the skill of monster, and its type was wind skill, it could hurt enemy with five points to forty-one points of lightning, and it consumed ten points of energy, the casting time was one second, the cooling time was three seconds.

It was the Flat Thunder which the ice empress said, but if the monster wanted to hit us, there was a condition.

The condition was that we must move, and if we did not move, it would not hurt us, even if it had much Guild Wars 2 gold.

We stood there as sticks, and the monster had no way to deal with us. We saw many Flat Thunders, though there was a common character, it was drawing the goal, but there were still many differences, even the lightning was also different.

The Flat Thunder of the ice empress was blue; maybe it had a collocation with water magic. The one of the incantation sorcerer was white, it was the pure lightning, and the one of this monster was a moving fire snake.