Saving Lonoke Once More in Guild Wars 2

“I will show you my power, Adele was not here, so it is my turn.” Dakar said.
Two spiders came to us with their cheap Guild Wars 2 gold……
We opened a road in the ice cave. We walked on the right side, because the exit of the cave was on the right, many spiders were on the left side, we did not care them, and we moved on.
Monsters in Guild Wars 2 had a character, if people did not get into their field of vision, they would not attack people forwardly.
If people knew this point, they could pass many places without battle.

“Help me, come to help me!” Who was calling? I felt the voice was familiar.
“It is me, I am Lonoke, I am caught again! I have no Guild Wars 2 gold now!” I looked at the left road, and then I saw an old man.
“Shit, it is you again, you are really foolish!” There was a big exclamatory mark on his head again; its meaning was that there was a closet task again.
“It is a long story, Dylan, come to save me first!” I thought it was too difficult to save him; he was in the groups of the spiders.

“Don’t be afraid of the spiders, they are stupid, you should draw them out, and then it is easy to kill them.” What he said was useless, if it was easy, why was he caught?
Lonoke was in level 10, but the spiders were in level 13, and each team had two or three, it was obvious that he could not get out by himself, even if we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for him. We had no method, so we got rid of all of the spiders.
“It is my destiny, and you are my warrior, you must come to save me again.” After Lonoke was saved, he said to me.

Though I was very angry, but I did not blame him, I asked him coldly: “What is the closet task this time?”
“Don’t worry, my old friend, please listen to me, I will tell you how I was caught again.” He said.
“Well, but please say it quickly.”
“Saris called me to come to cheat the weapon plan of the dwarves of the Stone Summit……” He was too laborious.
“Were you caught because of cheating the plan?” I asked him.
“Yes, but I was almost successes, I knew where the plan was, but I was found when I was just going to get it, and I had no Guild Wars 2 gold, so I ran away quickly, and then I fell into this cave without care.”