Guild Wars 2: Deal with the Dwarves of Stone

It was the Earth Trample; Winnie’s hammer could interrupt it. Polly was knocked down, after she stood up, there was one more heavy attack, though Polly did not die, but she lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, she was going to die. She was nervous, and now she could not calm down, so she began to run away, she wanted to avoid Winnie’s hammer.
At this moment, Winnie used another skill, and then she had faster speed, it was easy to catch up with Polly, and then Polly was killed by her.
The next goal was Adele, Winnie went to hit her.

On the other side, Latvia killed the soldier who was resurrected just now again. Now they only had two persons.
Though we had no monk, but we got the win finally, it was very difficult; of course, we got much Guild Wars 2 gold. After we came out of the arena, we saw Polly and Adele. They were peaceful.
“Winnie, you hit me hurt just now, what skill did you use? I never saw it before.” Polly asked Winnie.
“I am sorry.” Winnie said.
“Where did you learn the skill?” Polly was curious.
“I learned it at the place of worship of Balthazar.”

“This skill is good, I want to learn it.” Latvia said, and then she went to the place.
The Frost Gate was the last place of the Borlis Pass; it was the biggest barrier of the pass, so it was important. The soldier of Saris said that there were many dwarves of the Stone Summit at the Frost Gate; they had more dwarves than us, we must buy Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
There was another bad news; the dwarves of the Stone Summit used many trebuchets. They prince took his refugees to the low valley, it was difficult. If a huge stone fell off, many people would die.

So we should destroy the trebuchets of the dwarves and kill their engineer. If it was possible, we wanted to cause their base, and then their leader would not be peaceful. But I did not know whether the ice empress would be here today, she must have much Guild Wars 2 gold.
We had six persons in the team this time, but Samaria and Mahon were not in my team, they went to protect the prince and the refugees. We only had one monk, it was Polly, there were still Santana, Cable, Latvia and Dakar, Adele did not come, and she gave this chance to Dakar.

“What is in the front? It is white, is it the avalanche?” Dakar asked, and then we saw a kind of white monsters.
They were the Minotaur of the snow mountain, there were eight monsters, and they only had some Guild Wars 2 gold. They ran fast, and they came to the front of us soon.
“Stay there, don’t move!” Because Polly had experience, so she knew this skill could only attack people who moved.
We did not fell down. After we were steady, Polly began to use the Shield of Shelter, and then the monsters could not hit us.

After the monsters used the attack skills, they had no other skill, so they had to use the simple attack. But we were still protected by the Shield of Shelter and Guild Wars 2 gold.
The meteorite shower of Santana fell off, the monsters were dead finally.
“It is a good place to have training.” Dakar said.
After we killed the monsters, we moved on, suddenly we heard a loud sound, a huge stone flied to the
valley, it was the trebuchet of the dwarves, and it was the goal we came to destroy.