The Secret Trebuchet of the Dwarves in Guild

“Why did not the spiders attack you?” I asked him.
“It is a small secret, I could let the spiders don’t see me temporarily. When you came to save me, I got rid of this magic.” I really wanted to know this magic, but it seemed that this old man would not tell me.
“Well, follow me to cheat the plan now. You have so many people and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and you defeated those spiders just now, so you should be powerful, you could kill the guards.” I could think that there must be many monsters.

We came to the exit of the cave, and then we saw two trebuchets there, the prince and the refugees were waiting for us and our Guild Wars 2 gold there. But Lonoke did not choose this road, he took us to the road on the right, it was serpentine.
“This is a covert lane, there is a buried trebuchet at the end of this lane, only this trebuchet could blast the gate open.” He said to us.
“It appears, they are protecting the buried trebuchet, you must protect me, if I die, and you will fail.”
The enemies were elite dwarves of the Stone Summit, and they had elite skills. They had more than ten dwarves.

The two teams were closed to each other, if they came to hit us together, we would be killed. Even if we could escape luckily, Lonoke would also be killed, and we would fail.
“Be quick, we have no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, I want to open the trebuchet.” Oh my god, Lonoke rushed out first, I was scared.
It was lucky that when Lonoke rushed out, the two teams of the dwarves were not with each other together, one team was drew out, and the other team was behind the cliff.

“Who are you? You are forbidden getting here.” After the other team came, we killed the first team with our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold already. We did not know how long they have been here, maybe this place was too undisclosed, so nobody came here before, and then they relaxed their vigilance.
“Great ice god, please pardon them, they only chose the wrong host.” Lonoke and these dwarves were in a same race, the wrong host he said was Dagmar.
“Well, I will fire; do you see the stone gate on the other side?” Lonoke pointed to the other side.
“Yes.” The position of the stone gate was the place where the two engineers were just now.