The Arena of Shiver Peak in Guild Wars 2

“Take it to the foregoing mountain, and you should light the beacon, and then the strongest soldiers will be assembled, we will fight with the dwarves of the Stone Summit.” It was me again.
But I had to complete the chief line, so we moved on with the firebrand and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. There were fewer dwarves of the Stone Summit on the way, so we were not afraid.
After we got to the beacon tower, we saw three cavalries of the dwarves; each one of them stood guard over a beacon tower.
I thought the leader of the Stone Summit was really foolish, they failed, but he still left these three dwarves.
Dagmar was very angry, he shouted: “We failed! We did not kill the chosen persons, and we also lost the Borlis Pass and much Guild Wars 2 gold.” His meaning was that the ice empress was a fool.
“No, we don’t fail, we still have the Frost Gate, as long as we have it, we will kill them.” The ice empress said, and she clenched her fists, as if she was going to crush the chosen persons.
After the prince saw Saris, they had a new decision; it was opening the arena of Shiver peak.
According to the past experience, if the former tasks were difficult, and then an arena would open. Why would they open it today? We got the Borlis Pass back, we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold and climb over the Shiver peak, why were they afraid?
“We don’t get real control power of the Borlis Pass, the Frost Gate is still controlled by the enemies, if this gate does not open, and people could not climb over the snow mountain, so it is useless that we have the top haft.” Saris explained carefully.
Was it so hard to pass this gate? It was not the Hell Gate; I thought there would be still the monsters.
It was the arena of Shiver peak, the highest level was 15, and people could use elite skills and Guild Wars 2 gold.
“It is great! I could use my Earth Stomp finally.” Winnie said excitedly, when we were in the arena of Ascalon, because Winnie could not use elite skill, so she failed, she felt very angry.
“You still have the battle stance of dwarf.” I reminded her, though she loved the elite skill of Earth Stomp very much.
“I will use it later, I still want to use the Earth Stomp.” It seemed that I could not persuade her.
I looked around, and then I saw Polly and Adele.
“Hello, Dylan, I want to use the new skill I learned from the elite bower of the dwarves.” It was the Melandru Arrow. But a freelancer could only keep a preparation one time, if he used the Melandru Arrow, he could not use the Poisoning, and it also would consume much Guild Wars 2 gold, so it would be bad to him.
In fact, I felt it would be better that if he used another skill, though that skill was not elite skill, but he wanted to have a try, so I did not say more.
Polly smiled, and then she showed her skills: 1 Word of Healing; 2 Inspiration of Life; 3 Kiss of Dwayna; 4 Rejuvenation; 5 Removing Incantation; 6 Shield of Shelter; 7 Wraith of Protection; 8 Resurrection.
“Why do you want to use the Word of Healing? Mahon is good at using it.” I asked.
“Yes, I learn it from Mahon.” Polly began to explain, “Though we have many elite books of monk, and we learn many skills. But I think it will better if I use the best skill of Mahon.”
“The original is the case!” I did not know much about monk, and I did not know the advantage of these skills, maybe the skills could help her to get much Guild Wars 2 gold.