Killing the Golden Saints in Guild Wars 2

The penguins saw they could not kill us, so they wanted to run away.
We used a skill, before they saw our skill, they could only move slowly in the enchantment.
It was the Firestorm, a big fire fell off, but they could add blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold by themselves, so it was still hard to kill them.
We should kill one penguin together first, if they shortened one mate, they lost ten seconds, so it would be better to us.
A dark shadow appeared on our heads. I felt bad, as if some new enemies appeared. There were two Golden Saints!
They were scarce monsters; they did not appear often in the Ice Valley. Even if a person saw it, he would not defeat it alone.
I knew if we could kill the monsters, we would get many types of equipment and much Guild Wars 2 gold, so I got very excited. But the loud sound pulled me to the reality. The two Golden Saints came to help the penguins.
They used an elite skill, they shot at three persons one time, and we were with each other together.
Suddenly I found that it was a beneficial skill, of course we must get rid of it. Now it was Agate’s turn.
At this moment, one penguin was dead, and then the penguins did not have strong strength, they also lost much Guild Wars 2 gold, so it was easy to kill the other penguins.
The Golden Saints could not call the fire, so they could not attack us heavily any more, though they still shot at us, but we were not hurt.
The Golden Saints shouted, as if they were angry because we did not care them. But if the penguins got out of the enchantment, we would be in danger.
At this moment, a bigger Golden Saint appeared. He did not hold golden cannon, and he hit the ground only with his hands.
“Be careful! Spread out everywhere!” After I said this, the monster used the skill which the ice dragon used before.
It was lucky that we spread out everywhere quickly, so we did not fall down, but we had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold temporarily. Though Polly was attacked slightly, but because she was adding blood for us, and she was not attacking at that moment, so the skill of the monster could not make her down.
But Polly still lost some blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, the monster was really abnormal.
It was the Golden Fire of Hell, it was the skill of the monster, and it could hurt others with fire.
The monster was huge, and he had much blood, so even if he rushed into our team, he was not afraid of our attack.
Should we interrupt him? What should we do?
After a while, I decided to use the skills of the cat. When we were in the old Ascalon, we used these two skills.
We were lucky, the monsters were killed by us finally, of course, and we got many good things and much Guild Wars 2 gold. Each of us got own things. We came back the road of the Borlis Pass, and we saw the prince and Saris.
“Thank you, I could get the control power of the Borlis Pass back with your help. You are real warriors of Ascalon.” The king smiled.
“Is that true? Did you kill all of the dwarves of the Stone Summit?” I thought they killed the enemies so quickly.
“No, there are still a few enemies. We will kill them soon.” The king said, and then he gave me a firebrand.