Passing through the Black Gate in Guild Wars

“It is great that I have the Blessing of Pine, I am vigorous.” He was really stupid, he told us his condition.
It was the pine bark again, it was really boring. The method to deal with it was easy, it was a beneficial skill, I was a necromancer, and I could get rid of his beneficial skill with my skill and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
The pine bark added a beneficial skill for the soldier again, because the cooling time of this skill was only four seconds, so it could attach quickly. But my skill needed twenty seconds, so I had no enough time.
I thought we should kill the healer first together. The soldier of the enemies found that nobody went to hit him, so he hit us more heavily, and then he hit Adele imprudently.
The goal was hurt, so the effect of the blessing disappeared. It was great, now Adele could come back with his Guild Wars 2 gold again.
It was a big mistake, the soldier of the centaurs was unhappy. He turned back and looked at the pine bark, and then he felt ashamed. I thought the pine bark also thought he was too stupid.
We killed the pine bark, and then we also killed the protector and the long bower, now there was only the soldier.
“My great cacique calls you to put down your weapon, maybe he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.” I felt he was really foolish, now he was alone, he wanted us to surrender, and who was the cacique? Why did he always fight with us?
“Your attack is useless to me; my shield will withstand the hurt.” After the soldier said these words, he lifted the shield, and he hid his body and long sword behind the shield.
It was the Stance of Holding Shield, its profession was soldier.
This blocking of the skill was good, but we were professions of Mesmer except Adele, so the blocking was invalid to us. Samaria and Santana killed this guy with fire and Guild Wars 2 gold.
I illumined the second beacon tower; there were still five towers to be illumined. We knew the skill composition of the monsters, so it was easy to kill them. We illumined more and more beacon towers, and the dark Shiver peak began bright.
When we were getting rid of the last group of the centaurs, a protector of the centaurs was elite monster. So it was difficult to kill him, because he could add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold strongly.
It was the Nimbus of Belief, it was an elite skill, and its profession was monk, it was beneficial skill. But finally we killed him.
We illumined the seven beacon towers, there was a gate in the front of us, and a guard stood at the gate, his name was Torres.
“Give me the firebrand, and I will open the gate for you, there is the area of the dwarves of the Stone Summit in the front, be careful!” He said to us.
“The engineer of the dwarves could use the trebuchet well, they will pelt huge stones to the refugees, so please kill them first.” I knew the trebuchet.
“If there is a gate you could not pass with your skills and Guild Wars 2 gold, please find the explosive magazine of the dwarves of the Stone Summit, you could open the gate with the dynamite.” Torres was really boring.
The black gate opened slowly, and many troops of the dwarves came out, they found us first.