A Closet Task in Guild Wars 2

Dagmar asked when he saw his soldiers were running without cheap Guild Wars 2 gold destructively: “You told me that you would kill these chosen persons in the Borlis Pass, but why did you call me put only a few soldiers, and they destroyed my two giant trebuchets.”
“Don’t get antsy, my lovely leader, we will kill them soon.” The ice empress was proud.
“I think it is time to kill them now, we could not wait.” Dagmar was a little unhappy, because people who died were his soldiers.
“No, it is not the right time, be patient, you will know my idea.” The ice empress smiled coldly.
After we exploded a few stone doors, we were closed to the centre base of the dwarves of the Stone Summit.
“Help! Come to save me quickly!” A dwarf shouted, and he wore the clothes of the Deldrimor dwarves, he had no Guild Wars 2 gold; it seemed that he was our ally. His name was Lonoke.
I did not think we should save him, there were so many dwarves of the Stone Summit here, if we went to save him, we might be killed, but I found a obvious exclamatory mark on his head, it was a closet task.
All of the masters should complete the closet task, only we complete this closet task, it would be better, so we must save him.
There were too many monsters. Each group had six monsters, and we also had six persons, if we coordinated with our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold well, we could deal with them. If we did not bring two groups at the same time, we would not be dangerous. Adele was charge for bringing the monsters here.
We killed a group of the dwarves easily. After all of the enemies died, Lonoke was saved.
“Thank you, kind warriors. Since you saved me, please help me once more, I find the ice dragon beast in the ice cave on the south, he has strong destructive power. If he comes to this world, all of the races would be in danger. I could not defeat him, so I sealed the ice cave with the snow, he could not get out temporarily. If you have confidence and power to defeat him, you could open the entrance of the cave with the dynamite, and you could go into it to fight with monster, I could help you to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” We got the closet task, and it was killing the ice dragon beast.