Guild Wars 2 Interviews Consistent Steady Growth

ArenaNet announced earlier today that the price for Guild Wars 2 would be dropping

slightly to $49.99 for the standard edition and $69.99 for the digital enhanced

version. While some fans and players have expressed a little enthusiasm for what is

perceived to be a small drop in price, ANet’s Colin Johanson feels that it’s just

what the game needs to bring in another round of players.

“We’re getting more aggressive to make it more compelling. We haven’t ruled out

expansions but, for now, we like the content turn around that we’re providing to our

players. We can’t promise that we can always maintain this schedule but we like the

cadence and we’ve put the procedures and technology in place to keep it up if


“Guild Wars 2 is in a solid place. The drop in price aligns almost exactly with what

we did with Guild Wars 1. It held its value over a long period of time and we feel

that Guild Wars 2 will do the same. We don’t feel we need a big price drop. The game

is in a really good place with consistent, steady growth.”

When asked about perhaps taking Guild Wars 2 into the free to play market, Johanson

responded that, while nothing is ruled out completely, the team doesn’t feel that

this is a market that has to be jumped into at this time.

The team is completely focused on making the core game solid and to provide players

the best live service available, according to Johanson.

Johanson also let us know that there is no announced timeline for those roll outs but

he did tell us that the first closed beta event in China took place about a week and

a half ago. He said people interested in Chinese and Korean releases of Guild Wars 2

will want to pay close attention to the ChinaJoy convention later this summer when

more information will be released.

Johanson then dropped some interesting statistics and information for the future:

Over three million copies of Guild Wars 2 have already been sold
WvW populations are going up. In fact, the numbers are nearly equal to those the game

featured in October.
PvP populations have risen by 3% each weekend over the past several weekends.

Johanson then went on to say, “We’re committed to growing core and PvP communities.

We want to offer strong support for the PvP community and then we’ll look into other

options for how the PvP game plays out for the entire community. There are lots of

exciting things in store for PvP down the road.”

Part of that excitement comes in the form of API development where the community can

work directly with the Guild Wars 2 team to create some exciting features for

players. Within just a day of the announcement, several sites have cropped up to

track WvW battles and boss battles in real time. You can find out more about API

development on the Guild Wars 2 forums.

Lastly, Colin was asked about the possibility that GW2 might be ported to consoles.

“At this point, we’re dedicated to great PC development. We don’t rule out

anything, of course, but not right now. In fact, we still have regions of the world

that are MMO hotbeds in which to roll out the game. China and Korea, for instance.”