GUILDWARS There Are Wave After Wave off-sale in Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has not relax in their efforts, for axample, there are a series of
updates in Guild Wars 2 recently, such as new roles, new guild task system and etc. Let’s learn more details about those updates. New roles come first. There appear altogether 14 beautiful warrior in Guild Wars 2, who resemble to the warriors of cartoon – “Sailor Moon”.
Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced: August 28 2012
Though the girls are similar to the existing cartoon characters, it seems like a fresh applying.
In the recently months, there are wave after wave off-sale in Guild Wars 2. In the past, in order to attract more players who are keen on online games participate in Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet sell out their Guild Wars 2 CD Key at a great discount.

Some players may doubt about the original ability of ArenaNet, while a great majority of players are pleasantly accept the improvement, including me. It reminds me of my unforgettable childhood. I feel like return to the rosy past.

Besides this, there are many other discount activities holding from time to time. Now, there is another chance for those players, who also keen on Guild Wars 2 but have not join in this game, to take action right now, becasue you can save over 30% on compare Gw2 gold!

Then, there is a new set of guild missions system. From now on, players in Guild Wars 2 PvE will requires to enforce cooperate with our guildmates. It is not advisable to kill off a mission without help. It is always a happy thing to make friends with those guys who have the same interests and hobbies with ourselves, isn’t it? There are altogether five types of the missions: Guild Bounty, Guild Ttek, Guild Challenge, Guild Rush and Guild Puzzle. After we complete the mission, we can not only get personal rewards, but also earn Guild Merits. Therefore, we have chance to get more rewards when as long as we have friendly guildmates do the mission with us.