Guild Wars 2 Regularly Receive Free New Will Content

He also talks briefly about the future expansion of the game…

There has been a lot of debate about Guild Wars 2 endgame content, which was a reason for Colin Johanson to have a chat with the community. He talked on the Guild Wars 2 forums about this topic. So far Guild Wars 2 has been sold over 2 million times, and numbers are mounting. However, they have a long road ahead to pass their previous game (Guild Wars) which sold over 6 million copies. However, the power of an MMO is to hold on to your community, and that’s exactly what ArenaNet is trying to do.

One of those ways is by giving out free content. Colin Johanson said the following: “There is no need to buy content. Guild Wars 2 will have consistent free content updates and in-game events in the future. Our goal is to let get more out of GW2, then out of any other MMO where you are forced to pay monthly.”

Nice news for the Guild Wars 2 fans, however new content is needed to keep the game fun and refreshing, just like in any MMO. Aside from this, ArenaNet also announced that they are trying to increase the offer of the Black Lion Trading Company. They also let us know they are working on an immense expansion.

Johanson did not go into detail about the free content, but promised us he would let the press know shortly. He is happy that the community is willing to buy the content, but says ArenaNet would rather give it out for free, just like any company should.