Guild Wars 2 Race And Class

“The guild wars 2” is divided into five races: check, human, nowitzki’s grace, Ursula, hill, stradivari. Each of the RACES has the roles of men and women which you can choose, entering the game, first you need to choose their own race and gender, the humans was closer to the body of novartis grace, player who like shape and partial Europe and the modelling tall couls choose’s grace, the main tribes is located in the cold mountain. While humanity is turn even more popular, and through the exterior system can create your own an Oriental role, human relative and more grand central. Check er, o sura and hill stradivari belong to the race with dye-in-the-wood individuation, race and the WVW PVE different racial also vary, but race skills can not be used in SPVP competitive, so if your focus is SPVP, the race is not to consider the skills.

The currently available career for”The guild wars 2″ are has eight: element mage, warrior, guardian, engineers, rangers, necromancer, thieves, and an enchanter. The game armor are divided into three types, light armour, medium armor and heavy armor.

Light armour: element mage, necromancer, an enchanter; Medium armor: engineers, rangers, a thief;

Heavy armor: warrior, guardian

In the traditional online career choice usually we will encounter several problems, remote, melee, treatment, the common law system, the physics department, and so on, but in the guild wars 2 “in rejected traditional war shepherd combination method, in turn, concerns about the weapons and skills to cooperate, in the guild wars 2” in every profession has the ability of self heal, but the treatment effect is different. Influence of professional skill is the current equipment weapons, when players switch weapons when the corresponding weapon skill will also automatically switch out, this is traditional and professional system of different.

Soldiers can equip rifle + sword and horn to play a remote career to play, and an enchanter may also equipped with swords and pistol combination make a nearly warfare and medium-range career options, can say in the guild wars 2 “in no specific professional routines, suit oneself only weapons and skills characteristic combination.

In eight of profession, engineers and element wizard is relatively special career, such as engineers skills is mainly by switching to switch the backpack to achieve different engineering, and engineering backpack belongs to a general skills. This makes professional weapon skill combinations diversification, let players creating suitable for your own personalized professional roles.