Guild Wars 2 New Content

Last week, ArenaNet designer Mike Zadorojny do propaganda in Los Angeles for the guild wars 2 “weekend test . There sre one Media have an interview to Mike Zadorojny, mainly talk about the game trends when it is putting on sale next month. The following sre from Mike Zadorojny.

First of all, after the game put on sale, players could have a free transfer service time in the short term, the player should make good use of this period of time to find the ideal server and friends. After the transfer service system online, when officials want to open a new service, players will immediately transfer service for the qualification (is free, if you are in a crowded server words can consider transfer service). Players can also play with cross-server and close friends, (of course this is just in the WvW, otherwise you will have to change take).

But it still can’t solve the “finished! I choose wrong, this time to a server pay transfer service,” this kind of situation, so Arena will release set in after a warning, so that the players can choose in server think twice. In addition, the guild wars 2 “will set up a server exclusive BBS, that is every server will have their own BBS, with convenient belong to a server in line with players can also be communication.

Finally, the guild wars 2 “will have a monthly update technology group for new content. Although it sounds and “new copy monthly update new suit or something similar, but as the” mysterious world “Funcom monthly patch named” events “, as the guild wars 2 “players, every time the game update you still like to see is not? To avoid repetitive content, the official guarantee each update was a new experience. Because no subscription fee, so “guild wars 2” designers don’t add some what “repeated brush” or something. Instead, they hope players often asked “this month of the guild wars 2″ and what happened new things?” .