GW 2 Cutthroat Politics Update

ArenaNet has been sending out propaganda for their next game update which is called Cutthroat Politics. New content will arrive on 23 July and include the following:
cuttrhoat politics
The future of Lion’s Arch is in your hands! The explosive events of the Effigy Ceremony at the Dragon Bash left an empty seat on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch. Now, it’s up to the players to support a new Council candidate to victory! War hero Ellen Kiel and Black Lion Trader Evon Gnashblade are both determined to claim the empty seat – help one of them and the results will seriously impact the future events and the Living World we have come to love and cherish!

Earn support tokens as you play Guild Wars 2 during the two weeks of the Cutthroat Politics release, and then use those tokens to help your favorite candidate accrue influence. The winner will show their appreciation by reducing the cost of certain goods or services, hosting a permanent rotation of well-loved mini-games, and sponsoring Mists research into one of two historical events.

Along with a vibrant campaign, the Cutthroat Politics release brings with it three new activities and new, exclusive rewards.  Participate in the Southsun Survival or Aspect Arena activities, or test your mettle in the new Candidate Trials PVE Challenge. When doing so, you can earn a beautiful Desert Rose. stylish Zephyr Rucksack, or a little miniature Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade of your very own!