GW 2 Invitational

Well, if there was any doubt about Anet’s desire to bring GW2 to eSports, this should help put most of them to rest: Anet has just announced the first Guild Wars 2 Invitational Tournament on August 31, 2013 at PAX Prime. The top North American and European teams will face off against each other (best three out of five) with a cash prize pool of $10,000!
gw2 invitational 2013
The qualifying rounds (hosted by and Mist League) will take place July 27-28 for the European Regional and August 3-4 for the North American Regional ( for each region, max of 32 teams of five in best two out of three matches.)

Registration starts next week (to be eligible, you must live in Canada, the US, Mexico or EU countries, and be 18 or older. Good luck!

Speaking of PVP, the new Skyhammer PVP map has been removed from Tournament PVP map rotation while they work on incorporating the many suggestions to improve it (he said, oh so diplomatically.)

Anet’s Anthony Ordon also covered the basics of Guild Missions in their regular Friday Livestream. Almost 40 minutes of Guild Mission goodness!

This is a little late and for North American players only, but Crafe on the official forums is running what will be an annual Summer Guild Games event. It started today, but it goes on til the 14th, so you can still guest to the Fort Aspenwood server and watch the games. Very cool idea.

The official GW2 Wiki has a great page on the new Achievement rewards, so you can easily see when you can get the next amazing looking Zenith Skin.

For the game music lovers out there, Anet has also made the music composed for the new Bazaar of the Four Winds content available. Composed by Leif Chappelle, the music is available here, but keep in mind that it will start playing as soon as the page loads.