GW 2 Cutthroat Politics Colin Blog Post

Anet may be having too much fun. Their July 23rd update is called Cutthroat Politics. You are nominally voting for either Ellen Kiel or Evon Gnashblade to take the place of the Council member assassinated several weeks ago, but what you are really voting for will be either cheap Black Lion keys for four weeks and a Fractal based on the Fall of Abbadon (Gnashblade) or cheap waypoint travel for four weeks and a Fractal based on the Thaumanova Reactor explosion (Kiel). Both candidates will be making available a rotation of the newer mini-games like Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.
The too much fun part really shines through in the political commercials they made for each candidate:
Evon Gnashblade
Ellen Kiel

We’re already discussing this in a couple of threads in our forum. Post and let us know what you think too.

Anet has also added kites to the game, which you can buy from the Gem Store. You can also get your guild logo on them for 15g at the Kite Maker in LA (next to the Guild Banker.) Click the picture to the right to see a video of the kites in action. Oh, and if you purchased gems (or activated a gem card) between April 1, 2013 and June 30, 2013, then you get a random kite (there are three styles) mailed to you in game. They have also added a new musical instrument to the Gem Store: the flute.