GW 2 Living World

At the start of the year, we talked about the Living World in Guild Wars 2 as a new initiative; a plan that we wanted to expand and grow, learn from, and make more frequent and larger in scale as the year progressed.
We’ve learned a lot so far this year, resulting in our recent announcement of our new cadence of bi-weekly major releases for Guild Wars 2 and our goals for the future of Tyria as a living world. We’ve also transitioned from our original single Living World team, which operated with very short turn-around time for most of the first half of the year, to four Living World teams for the second half of the year. This will allow our teams a much greater amount of time to both develop and polish the content that drives the theme of each of our releases.

Our Living World releases will expand on the promise of what it means to be a continually growing game. In the future, you’ll see a wider array of content and experiences in each release, with a greater focus on permanently expanding content. We’ll go into specifics on the variety of playable content you’ll be receiving as each update approaches, but some of our focuses will include improving our existing world bosses, continuing to update and refine our dungeons and fractals, creating world events with a larger and more permanent impact, and expanding the number of dynamic events across the world.

On top of all of this, look for the return of some of your favorite holiday festivals and super adventures  mixed in among our Living World updates, though the focus for the second half of the year will be on a mix of permanent and more impactful content.

So outside of new playable content in the world to experience, what else will you be seeing?