GW 2 beginners guide

Many of you will have seen me harping on about how great Guildwars 2 is on Twitter for the past couple of weeks. I am aware that the majority of readers are console gamers, and GW2 is a PC exclusive game, so I thought I would type a little introduction and some tips for anyone curious about the game, and for those who would like to invest and join me. I’m going to be spending a lot of time there, for many years to come…10 years on, and I still play Guildwars 1, so that should give you an idea of the longevity of the game.
Guildwars 2 Beginners
Firstly about the game itself, it’s classed as an MMO, but for the console gamers, I want to say it’s roots are firmly in Skyrim/RPG type territory, that’s the nearest thing I can liken it to. You create a character, watch the story unfold and have tons and tons of side quests and options of ways to spend your time in the game world. MMOs really are massive. You can play solo, or team up with friends or random strangers, and it’s just as easy to pick it up for 30 mins, as it is to lose a day in it.

So if you’re feeling like you want to jump in, here’s some tips for the beginners, for the more experienced players and my guildies, please add your own in the comment section below.