Guildwars 2 game with you Kez

1) How do I play the game with you Kez?

I play as a human elementalist, on the EU server Aurora Glade, my main character’s name is Amygdala Bliksem and the guild I’m in is, The Enlightened Souls. (We are recruiting, and any civil players are welcome to join the guild, to play/chat/get some help)
2) Who should I choose to play as?

The race you choose determines your starting area in the game…your profession determines the skills/spells/weapons and style of combat you will have. I could post an outline on all of these, but the game explains them well. In brief ; Guardians are protective healers, Warriors are what you think they are, engineers use traps and bombs and get a little technical, rangers use bows and have pets to help in combat, thieves use infiltration techniques, elementalists are spell casters calling on the elements, mesmers are also spell casters but use illusions, and necromancers summon the undead to help fight alongside them. Each profession has a choice of weapons and suitable armour type, dependant on how close they like their combat.

3) Tips to help gain experience and level up.

The first thing I advise people to do when they can is visit a merchant and purchase gathering tools. (The tools are used to gather materials for crafting professions, which each character can choose between) Whether or not you craft in the game, gathering materials gets you about 10XP every time you chop a tree or mine some ore…it takes seconds but really adds up and the tools are cheap.
You main quest is listed in the top right of your screen, any yellow hearts are side quests which earn you experience, and orange quest markers are events which you complete with other people to earn experience, and often if it’s a boss fight, they drop some goodies for you too.
When into the game a little, head to Lion’s Arch (Use the purple portals in your main town) and go for a walk exploring the areas, getting those waypoints (blue markers) and points of interest (yellow/orange small squares) all gives your experience level a boost.

I’ll be posting more Guildwars 2 content in the near future, but if you have specific questions or post requests, let me know and I’ll do my best!