GW 2 assortment of items

Mesmer – brings illusions and clones to mesmerize and distract their opponents.
Guardian – Melee fighters with multiple shouts, kind of like the Paladins of Tyria
Necromancer – Undead summoning and life stealing casters, necromancers can even shift into an undead form increasing their damage output and giving them additional health.
Ranger – Bringing animal pets and traps to take down their opponents.
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Elementalist – Caster class harnessing the elements, elementalists can attune to a particular element giving them tons of options.
Warrior – Possibly access to the largest amount of weapons. Warriors bring heavy armor, multiple stances and banners to the fight.
Thief – sly and sneaky thieves bring a combat teleport called shadowstep, attacks based on what they are dual wielding and the ability to steal from an opponent and grab an improvised weapon.
Engineer – Bringing multiple kits to the battle field, Engineers can specialize their skills beyond their weapons. Lots of versatility here.

New Players will be as baffled as I was at the lack of healing classes. In Guild Wars 2 everyone works together and each player has a class associated healing ability. This is a game changer! End game will no longer be dependant on having a designated healer.

From a Graphics perspective Guild Wars 2 looks amazing! Tyria is a beautiful place to travel to and experience. Its been awhile since I’ve been captivated by game scenery and they definitely pulled out the stops here.

MMORPG music and sound effects can be forgettable but not here, the music comes on suddenly and fits the world. From combat music to the way the towns and people sound. NPC’s will even banter back and forth giving players ideas of possible quests in the area.

Guild Wars 2 has a in game store where players can purchase a small assortment of items. Items vary from costumes to experience boosts and account upgrades like bag slots and extra character slots. I was pleased by the lack of game breaking items that have recently become the norm in a lot of free MMORPG’s.