Guild Wars 2 Trade Skills revamps the tired old

Guild Wars 2 revamps the tired old methods used in other MMORPG and I can honestly say i’m glad to see these changes. One of the biggest changes is how quests are handled, Gone are the days of hunting for groups to complete quests. Many of the quests are open quests allowing players to go at them solo or allowing any passersby to join in. Even if you’ve completed the quest you can jump into someone elses and assist them with rewards and experience divvied out based on players contribution.
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How about Trade Skills that really matter!! Characters can have 2 production trade skills each. Finally a game that doesn’t count gathering as a skill! Players can even gain experience while grinding trade skills, giving players another way to level up. The skills aren’t worthless either, the cooking skill allows for some nice experience boost items and with Artificer I was able to keep myself outfitted with decent magic items. You won’t have to lug all your materials around either you can right click and send them to your bank, even craft with the ones in your bank

No Longer will players need to run the entire length of the world over and over again. Guild Wars 2 features a fast travel system that allows for an instant teleportation for a few coppers to a point once players have unlocked that particular location.

Death offers players an option to fight for their lives, very similar to Borderlands. Kill your enemy or fill a bar up by using any of the four options to bring yourself back into the fight. You will suffer some equipment damage and a little momentary stat damage but no need to run back. Should you fail and die, players can run back from any of the teleportation waypoints and don’t worry Areanet was very generous with the amount of teleport points.