GW 2 Character abilities

Developed by Areanet and published by NCsoft Guild Wars 2 sends players back to the land of Tyria, 250 years after the defeat of the Great Destroyer.
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Players that go through the character creation system must first pick their race. The Races are
Asura – small of stature but big on intelligence. The Asura are natural scholars and inventors
Norn – Towering hunters that were driven from their homeland. Their culture relies on Totem spirits.
Human – Standard MMO fair
Sylvari – a race of plant like humanoids, very noble and diplomatic.
Charr – Savage race of Felines. If you ever wanted to be a thundercat, this is how you do it. (oh god i’m old!)

Character abilities are now all based on the weapons wielded and you can dual wield like a boss! if you want to. As a Necromancer I enjoyed the dagger for its fast attacks and lifesteal but at times would switch to the scepter for its AOE options.

The game even rewards for exploration. Each zone contains multiple quests, points of interest, challenges and vista’s, What are you doing, We don’t speak of that VISTA! (windows vista) I meant these beautiful Vistas. Discovering them all, will give you a boost of experiences on top of the individual gains, an achievement and an item.