GW 2 New Weapons and Weapon Archetypes

GW 2 New Weapons and Weapon Archetypes
New Weapons and Weapon Archetypes
Guild Wars 2 uses a unique weapon leveling system. For each weapon you use, you can unlock a number of moves depending on whether it’s your main hand or secondary weapon or a two-handed weapon.
Unfortunately, there aren’t that many different types of weapons.

You do get better and better weapons as you enter more dangerous terrain, but the basic few archetypes remain the same, and they’re limited by which class you happen to play – which is fine, except that there just aren’t that many weapon categories to begin with. This means you level up all your weapon abilities pretty quickly.

The first expansion pack for Guild Wars 2 should introduce a host of new weapon archetypes. Off the top of my head, I’d like to see Rapiers, Pole-Axes, Katanas, Flails, and Crossbows, but I think if we sat down and iterated for a bit we could come up with quite a few more.

I’ve grown increasingly fond of ArenaNet’s new MMORPG Guild Wars 2.
It’s become quite an addicting pastime, actually, with all of the myriad ways you can approach the game.
Still, there are some things I’d like to see added to the game, which has gotten me thinking about the inevitable expansion pack.
Here are five things I’d like to see added to Guild Wars 2 if and when we see that expansion.