Guild Wars 2 Tengu and To Level

Guild Wars 2 Tengu and To Level
Playable Tengu
The bird-people you encounter in Tyria, the Tengu, look awesome. The first time I spotted one I thought immediately, this should be a playable race.
In the first expansion to Guild Wars 2, new races should be introduced, and the Tengu should absolutely be one of them.

Since Tengu eat raw meat, this could also lead to some interesting crafting options.
I imagine a new starting area, new higher-level areas, and new classes would accompany any new additional races as well.

New Ways To Level
Right now there’s all sorts of ways you can level in Guild Wars 2. You can craft, gather raw materials, explore, or quest and combat your way to gain experience.

It would be cool to add some new ways to level in the next expansion. Maybe introduce a new system of puzzles to the game. The jumping puzzles and platforming aspects of the game are neat, but it would be even better if each map had an assortment of other types of puzzles to complete. In fact, adding new ways to complete maps would give your already-leveled character a new way to finish maps that you only thought were complete.

I’m sure there are other ways ArenaNet could introduce new leveling mechanisms, but puzzles seem like a natural choice.