‘I look at WoW and think what have we done… We killed a genre’

Firefall's Kern 'I look at WoW and think what have we done We killed a genre'

Firefall head honcho and former World of Warcraft dev Mark Kern asks if MMOs have become too easy in a guest blog at MMORPG.com. It’s basically a rhetorical question, since he goes on to outline “the creeping casualness” that defines the genre in 2013.

He aims plenty of disparaging remarks at WoW’s accessibility formula and its mandate to acquire casual players by streamlining or omitting traditional MMORPG systems. “And it worked. Players came in droves, millions of them,” Kern writes. “But at what cost? Sometimes I look at WoW and think ‘what have we done?’ I think I know. I think we killed a genre.”

Kern goes on to lament the lack of difficulty inherent in post-WoW MMOs, and naturally he says that Firefall has found just the right balance between accessibility and challenge. He also says that the game’s crafting system is “one of the deepest and most complex of any MMO, having more in common with the well-loved crafting system of the original Star Wars Galaxies than the simplified crafting systems of current MMOs.”

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