player becomes trade chat hero WOW

World of Warcraft player becomes trade chat hero

It started with an innocent question in World of Warcraft’s trade chat: “What would you do with 200,000 gold?” Among the various responses, a player said that he’d like a Vial of the Sands to give to his friend. The vial actually gives the player a Sandstone Drake flying mount, one of the more difficult-to-obtain mounts in the game.

The story doesn’t end there: The asker of the question then tracked down the guy who answered and delivered the super-expensive vial into his hands. When the donor found out that the mount was for the guy’s friend, he bought and gifted a second mount so that the two friends would have matching rides. The reason for the generosity? “I wanted to make someone’s day,” the donor said.

And thus the legend of the trade chat hero is born.More wow gold trading, please click here