Strength of Steel

New World of Warcraft Short Story: Strength of Steel

A new short story awaits in the updated Destination Pandaria section of the official World of Warcraft website. Take to the skies in “Strength of Steel.”

His whole life, Koak has been searching aimlessly for a way to prove himself as worthy of his clan, the feared Dragonmaw. But with no dragons to whip into obedience, Koak never felt he could live up to his clan’s legacy, until the fateful day his paths cross with a cloud serpent hatchling. Reluctant at first, Koak eventually warms up to the idea that he can forge this young animal into his very own beast of war and prove his worth. But as Koak is about to find out, some bonds are far stronger and enduring than mere obedience… but forging these bonds comes with a price Koak may not be able to pay.

Check out “Strength of Steel” by Raphael Ahad now! The story is also available in PDF, ePUB and mobi formats.
                   I really liked the story, and even though it’s high time for an Alliance PoV story, in this case a Dragonmaw orc is the most interesting character to put into this situation. Most other people, Alliance and Horde, would already understand the value of bonds based on trust and love, and there wouldn’t be as much internal conflict to make the story interesting.More wonderful game please attention: ripasa, valor points power leveling.