ELO Boost Series:Objectices

ELO Boost Series:Objectices

League of Legends is an objective based game. Generally, you win the game by destroying the enemy team’s nexus, so throughout the game you are building yourself up/setting your team up to carry that out.

Team Dignitas has a blog post that describes this subject quite well: http://www.team-dignitas.org/articles/blogs/League-of-Legends/3401/The-Most-Important-Objective-In-League-of-Legends/

“This is a game where the score does not matter.

Nobody tells you this when you first load up League of Legends and jump into the tutorial. The goal is to destroy the enemy nexus to be sure. And yes you are given many quests actually, in the battle training, to destroy everything from jungle wolves to inhibitors and never directly told to kill enemy champions. This seems objective focused, but you are not taught any hard and fast rules on the subject, nothing is driven home during that training.

this one1 ELO Boost Series:Objectices

The moment you set foot on the fields of justice with actual humans, all the training on pushing down towers goes out the window because there is an actual person, somewhere in the world, blocking your path. They foil your best laid plans at every turn, they strike you down without a moments hesitation, they turn the tables on you and lead daring assaults against your own turrets while ‘/laugh’-ing all the while. The cold anger of retribution swells up within you and that is the end of a new players focus on objectives. They feel the need, as even the best do at times, to log into LoL to prove they are better at the game by asserting their dominance. Asserting dominance, of course, can be done whether your team wins or loses

There are many objectives in LoL, all with various uses and different levels of importance throughout a match. The most coveted, however, by the bloodthirsty summoned is the Baron Nashor buff and the demolishing of an inhibitor.

The baron buff provides 300 gold for everyone on the team that killed it, as well as a buff for all those alive at the time of its death. Up to 40 AP and up to 40 AD as well as 3% of max health in health regen and 1% of max mana as mana regen.

spying baron ELO Boost Series:ObjecticesAn inhibitor does just one thing: it keeps the enemy team from spawning super minions. Super minions push down towers, put all kinds of pressure on the nexus, and force the enemy team to retreat and constantly defend against them.

inhibitor ELO Boost Series:Objectices

In my mind there is no doubt that an inhibitor is the most worthy of all team objectives.

Pressure is more important than sieging a little better, it is more important than regen, and ultimately the baron buff is easier to claim with an enemy inhibitor down. At any point in a LoL match, if I could choose between a baron buff or an enemy inhibitor down, I would choose the inhibitor. It provides direct pressure on the number one objective in LoL: the enemy nexus.

Would you rather have an enemy inhibitor down or give your team a free baron? Are there situations where exceptions to your own hard and fast rule take precedent? What situations are they?”