ELO Boost Series: Support

ELO Boost Series: Support

In solo queue, sometimes you’ll end up being stuck on support. Instead of looking at this like it’s a bad thing, think of it this way: Support makes or breaks botlane. There was a time when 3 of the top 5 solo queue challenger players were support mains, so it is definitely possible to carry from the support position. Xpecial is without a doubt, the best support in North America… linked is his support guide from solomid. Here are the 50 tips listed in his guide:

Tip #1: When learning support, it’s better to be a bit overaggressive and die a few times than to be too passive and not know your limits.

Tip #2: Wards are needed not just for playing passively, but for being aggressive too. A 2v3 situation is not a good situation.

Tip #3: One of the best times to engage on the enemy is when they go for a last hit. Every AD will last hit, punish them.

Tip #4: When trading hits, take note of the minion wave. Sometimes, minions end up doing more damage than champions. PCM OP!

Tip #5: Good supports know the CDs on their spells. Better supports know their AD’s. The best supports know their opponents’.

Tip #6: Summoner spells are expensive. Having summoners up when the opposing side doesn’t is a huge advantage in a 2v2.

Tip #7: The best time to engage is the opponent’s worst time to get engaged on, e.g., leveling up before an opponent.

Tip #8: In lane, it’s important to take note of not only players’ HP, but the opposing lane’s MP. (Knowing mana costs is good)

Tip #9: When playing a ranged support vs a melee support, ward the brush they are sitting in and avoid their engages.

Tip #9 (cont.): Harass with autoattacks and spells and remember that their engages have 10+ second cds.

Tip #10: When against an AD with Cleanse, make the him use Cleanse on a stun. Exhaust’s damage debuff is unaffected afterwards.

Tip #11: When playing a melee support vs a ranged support, aim to hit level 2 first and immediately engage with level advantage.

Tip #11 (cont.): Be very careful with engages afterwards and ward the opposing brush. Avoid getting poked down, try to all-in.

Tip #12: When laning vs an AD with Cleanse and you have a CC ult (Sona, Leona, etc), use your ult asap to blow Cleanse.

Tip #12(cont.): Cleanse has 210 sec CD, while ults have ~120 sec CD. This gives you a one minute window to ult to full effect.

Tip #13: Observe the opposing lane’s patterns. If they are passive most of the time and suddenly go aggro, care for ganks.

Tip #14: Keep tabs on opposing wards. Wards only last for 3 min, if you know their wards are down, ask your jungler for a gank!

Tip #15: When on purple side and you want to hit level 2 faster, ask the jungler nicely to start wraiths and you can do wolves.

Tip #16: Autoattack. Use your autoattack! As a ranged, use your spells and your AAs to harass. As a melee, AA when fighting.

Tip #17: Explore new starting options. You can now start Rejuv Bead and Faerie Charm for a faster GP10 or try Flask for high sustain!

Tip #18: Sightstone is actually a gp10. Each ward you don’t buy is 75 gold saved… Stop asking me why I don’t get gp10s while streaming -.-

Tip #19: Decide before the game if you want to go Philo -> Reverie or just use Flask and Chalice -> Mikael’s. Flask AND Philo is too much.

Tip #20: Watch this. No, seriously, it’s the best tip. https://t.co/KOT6fgsq (Outdated)

Tip #21: Janna hard counters Leona in lane. Janna nados makes it impossible for Leona to engage with Zenith Blade. http://t.co/ZD2PUh9k

Tip #22: Use your Explorer Ward for temporary vision. It’s perfect for warding the enemy lane brush or to secure a buff level 1.

Tip #23: It can be okay to use your stuns on tanks. If your AD kills their tanks faster than their AD kills your tanks, just kill the tanks!

Tip #24: The Biscuteer mastery potion is the only pot that stacks with an HP pot/ Flask. When in a sticky situation, don’t forget to use it!

Tip #25: Having trouble landing Nami’s Q in lane? Predict where the enemy AD will stand to last hit the low HP minion and shoot the Q there!

Tip #26: When you use Help, Pix! on an enemy, Pix goes behind them. If they move back, Pix stacks on top of them and your Q will land 100%.

Tip #27: Damage is calculated when the attack lands. When Ashe uses Volley, you can still Janna shield for bonus damage until Volley hits.

Tip #28: When playing Soraka and I expect an enemy to Flash + ult, I preemptively use silence. Once he Flashes in range, he’s instantly silenced.

Tip #29: Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab actually fires from his right hand. This means if you position correctly, you can hook around minions!

Tip #30: Lulu’s E is one of the few spells that gives vision of invisible targets, making her Akali’s worst nightmare.

Tip #31: When playing Blitz vs a target with an escape, use Power Fist or Static Field and immediately Rocket Grab to deny the escape.

Tip #32: When fighting 2v2 bot, vision inside the brush is important. Losing sight of a low HP enemy causes unnecessary dmg by facechecking.

Tip #33: ADs typically have a longer CD on their summoner’s. Season 3 patch increased summoner CDs, but added CDR for those with Utility!

Tip #34: Many skillshots have a range slightly beyond the range indicator. Knowing the full range of Blitz Q and Zyra E is rather important!

Tip #35: Control the minion wave. If there is a huge wave pushing towards you, autoattack it a bit to thin the ranks and allow easier CSing.

Tip #35 (cont.): If, however, there is a huge wave pushing towards them, push the wave to the tower before backing, or you’ll lose waves.

Tip #36: When an enemy targets you, they will have an orange outline. If a Taric is strafing and randomly glows orange, I know it’s a gank.

Tip #37: Janna’s shield is a funny spell. In lane, the shield is good to block dmg. But in fights, the AD is worth much more than ~300 HP.

Tip #38: Try turning Line Missile Display on/off. It’s inaccurate on Blitz, but super necessary for Lulu. Play around with it!

Tip #39: Sightstone should ALWAYS be bought and be either the first or second item (first would be early Philo or Ruby Crystal for HP).

Tip #40: It’s typically better to get a half charged Nunu ult on 4 or 5 enemies rather than a fully charged ult on 1 or 2!

Tip #41: When you are playing with a Thresh, please pick up the lantern. Thanks.

Tip #42: When using Dark Passage on Thresh, lead your target by throwing the lantern where they will be in a sec, not where they are now.

Tip #43: Free harass is best harass. If you can get a single attack off and not take any damage in turn, that’s the best possible trade.

Tip #44: Use brush to surprise with spells. Champs like Zyra and Thresh have long wind-ups, so cast while hidden for a higher chance to hit!

Tip #45: If you want to check if a brush is warded, stand in it when minions are near. If they have vision, you will automatically attack.

Tip #46: When trying to all-in vs a Vayne past lv6, remember to have a vision ward ready or else you’ll have an extremely hard time winning!

Tip #47: Leona’s Q resets your attack, but has a long animation. Take advantage of this by moving immediately after Q for another auto.

Tip #48: When playing support Alistar, do consider using some Mana Regen runes. I actually think his mana costs are kinda silly! =P

Tip #49: Always hover over players’ summoner spells when you hold Tab and determine if they have summoner spell CD. Never get surprised!

Tip #49 (cont.): It shows the max cooldown of the summoner (so you can tell if they have the mastery), but not the current cooldown. (This got patched, unsure if it’s intentional or not)

Tip #50: Be nice to everyone in solo queue if you want to win, or else they might decide to troll you during your promo series! icon wink ELO Boost Series: Support

If you like what you see, be sure to read his entire guide on solomid!