Teach You How To Buy Elo Boost

Easy 4 Steps Teach You How To Buy Elo Boost

Steap One

First , you need to find out your Solo/Duo Queue League, Division, and amount of LP. To do this, log in on your League of Legends account, and press the profile button, and it will be written under your medal. In order to calculate how many games are required to reach your rank, we also need to know how many League Points your account gets per win, this is usually written at the top left of the end game screen.

Step Two

Enter your account information in current rank, then enter your desired rank. This will calculate how many wins are most likely required to get to your desired rank based on our boosting experience and statistics. Just customize your rank boost and the price will change automatically, so you can instantly see how much it will cost you and how many games we will win.

Step Three

Click on the “Buy Boost” Button to start your order. You will be asked for your email and your Paypal password. PayPal is the world leader in payments on the internet and therefore 100% safe, we currently don’t offer other payment methods, but be assured that there should be a payment method you own that PayPal accepts. If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, you can pay with Credit Card without creating an account.

Final Step

Once you have paid in paypal, you will be redirected to LOL Academy and enter the final page of the order. This is where you will give us the information we need to win games, such as your account name (the one you use to log in to League of Legends), your password, your summoner name, and the server you play on. Once this is done, you will receive an automatic email with your access to our Members Area, where you will be able to Pause our service (to play a few normal & custom games), chat with our players team, but of course see our progress on your account.

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