D3 Templar and Crusader

Paladin. As the post said, paladin headed west seeking conquest, which was ended at westmarch at last. Paladin is brave enough and full of justice. They fight for freedom but unfortunately fall to corruption. Paladins used to be the best warriors and tried their best to be guardian of faith. The corruption is not the end of their strength.

Templar. Templars insist that they fight for light and seek to rid Sanctuary of demonic corruption, in fact, they are, though without acception of Zakarum church. Cheap Diablo 3 Gold Templar is a loyal and friendly hero. He is attentiveness to duties and always protects his faith. Templar keeps being a hero to death. They are guardians.

Crusader. Crusaders are elite fighters from Zakarum and head on a secret mission with leaders. They go to east and search for ways to cleanse their faith contaminated by Mephisto. They are a group of pure faith guard rise from paladin. They learn new skills and talents in the battlefield and become more powerful. In addition to this, they are patient, good-tempered and experienced. Absolutely low-key king.