D3 Demon Hunter Enchantress

All in all, the Enchantress as a follower to the Demon Hunter can be a benefit and a liability all at the same time but the key is to keep moving while you are in a fight. You’ll be dead if you are stationary.

This follower appears in the latter part of Act 2 and helps a lot in the aspect of crowd control. It can surely slow down even the big demon hordes. She cannot cause the same damage as the Scoundrel can or heal like the Templar but she can really be a benefit to you for as long as you would protect her as well.

She can render a lot of protection to your chosen hero along with protecting herself as well. This is with the help of her Powered Armor or some Reflect Missiles all at Level 20. Cheap Diablo 3 Gold Her Powered Armor is perfect for every fighting scenario and it can boosts the rating of your armor along with slowing down your enemies.

When she is surrounded with a lot of enemies, you can enable her to unleash the Forceful Push by Level 15 and scatter all your enemies. Remember that being a Demon Hunter, it is very important to note that it is dangerous for you to be surrounded by enemies. You can better serve with the Charm to draw some aggression from your enemies and leave you with fewer monsters to eradicate.

You should also take advantage of her Focused Mind skill by Level 30 to increase the speed of her attack and make her a lot more of a killing machine. This is also mixed with fast arrow attacks.