Diablo 3 the sound effects

One thing you’re sure to notice are the sound effects in Diablo III. There’s not much in the way of background music aside from during cinematic events or bosses, but each time Prince Charles swung his blade or axe, a deep thundering sound would erupt from my speakers. This simple thing made each attack feel like it had weight behind it, and really helped immerse me in the game.

A majority of dialogue in the game is voice acted, and it is voice acted fairly well at that. Although it’s easy to ignore the NPCs whilst you’re questing to save the world of Sanctuary, it’s a good idea to occasionally slow down and listen to a conversation two NPCs may be having in a tavern, or take a detour into a hidden cellar. Some NPCs talk about the events of the main quest, whilst in one area a distraught man asked for my help, and then introduced me to his wife, whom happened to be a skeleton. She’s “a bit thin”, he told me. Needless to say I left him be, but as always Blizzard managed to infuse their trademark charm throughout the smallest details.

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But the most important thing about Diablo III is definitely that it’s better with friends. No matter how repetitive the combat can be when fighting standard mobs, and no matter how frustrating it can be to repeat a boss encounter, friends make it a lot more enjoyable. Diablo III can be played with up to four players, online or local co-op, and it is certainly the best way to enjoy the game. Besides, what’s the point in having a super-rare piece of armor if you have no-one to show it off to?