In World of Warcraft, Choose your realm

World of Warcraft has millions of active players. If all these players were in the same game world at the same time, things would get more than a little crowded (plus which, the computers running the game would probably form a workers’ union and go on strike). To keep the gameplay experience stable, smooth, and consistent, World of Warcraft’s population is divided into several different realms. Each realm is an identical copy of the game world, but generally, players from the same realm can only play and interact with each other*. Think of each realm like its own parallel universe or mirror dimension, each home to thousands and thousands of unique player characters.

If you are planning to play with a friend, make sure to create characters on the same realm so you can adventure together. The Recruit-A-Friend referral system provides considerable in-game bonuses to linked friends and family members. Visit the Recruit-A-Friend page to learn more about this feature.