Added incentive to keep WOW power leveling

Heroes of Warcraft’s long beta is now over. The game has officially launched with a new patch that adds multiple in-game rewards.

The criteria varies for each card back. For example, one requires you to hit Legendary in Ranked mode while another is given out to anyone who simply plays in a given season. These backs will change with each season to give you added incentive to keep WOW power leveling.

Very devoted players can also pursue Golden Heroes. After you win 500 ranked matches with a given hero character, their artwork will have a new golden border as well as special animations. You won’t get credit for wins you racked up before today’s patch went live, sadly. If you get all of the Golden Cards and you go second in a match, your bonus Coin will be gold as well.

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now earn a new mount. It is a Pegasus-like steed with a blue glow for Alliance players and a red glow for Horde players. In order to unlock for WoW, all you need to do is to win three games in Play or Arena mode.