About world of warcraft power leveling

1. Take herbalism and mining. Not only are the gathered goods awesome for generating gold, but each gather gives you experience. Especially at lower levels, this contributes greatly to the overall xp.
2. Once you hit the appropriate level, queue for battlegrounds (level 10) or dungeons (level 15) while you quest. It helps you get better gear as you level up, and helps to break up what can become the monotony of questing.
3. When quests or mobs turn green, move on to a different zone. I knwo you might want to be a completionist like myself, but you can always come back later.
4. When you explore new areas, you get experience for discovering them, and you get more experience points the closer in level you are to that area’s content. So explore the lower level zones while you are still at a low level, etc. It’s free experience for not much effort. Or wait until you get flying or epic flying and do it then, so you don’t have to content with all the mobs trying to kill you.
5. Sites like Wowhead and Thottbot are your friends. If you’re stuck on a quest, look it up. If you’re looking for a new wand, look up to see what you can get. They are packed with information which takes out some of the guesswork or unknowns from this game.
6. Find sites like Elitistjerks for information about your class. EJ caters to PVE end game content, but a lot of the information is still valid for lower levels, such as stat importance and useful glyphs. I’m sure there are equivalent sites that give information for PVP.
7. A lot of jerks play this game. Don’t take their insults personally. Everyone starts as a newbie and some people seem to forget that fact. Asking for help is fine, but some people will give you a hard time for it or give you incorrect information. This is why I’m sharing ways to discover the information for yourself.
8. Read your quests. Read the patch notes. Often the quest text or patch notes will give you the information you need. e.g., The quest from the Blood Elf starting area that sends you to Undercity TELLS YOU how to get to Undercity without walking through the Plaguelands.
9. Join a guild! Some guilds are open to newer players and are willing to hel them level up. Various guild perks include bonuses to experience or reputation gains, so being in a guild can help shorten the world of warcraft power leveling experience.