Collecting and WoW power leveling pets

World of Warcraft, let your pets do all the work with pet battles. If you enjoy poke-wow, you’ll be glad to know that leveling with pets is a perfectly viable way to zoom through the levels. This works especially well if you have another character who’s put in some time collecting and leveling battle pets — which means your new, low-level character can rush to get to high-level pet battles, which provide very good experience.

But even if you’re collecting and WoW power leveling pets as you go, pet battles will offer a good boost to your experience gain. If you intend to rely on it, work to get three pets to level 25 as quickly as possible so you can head to higher level pet battles. Once you have at least 3 level 25s, the pet battling world is your metaphorical oyster. Do pet battles while you’re questing for easy XP, defeat the world’s pet trainers to unlock battle pet daily quests, or get someone to summon you to Halfhill in Pandaria, where there are level 25 fights to be found without too much danger… even if you’re lower level.

As long as you have a decent pet collection, not bad at all. If you have a not-so-decent pet collection, you’ll have to devote some time to collecting and leveling pets before this becomes more straightforward.