Wildstar Comprehensive Dye Challenges Guide

Boxes are world or rewards from challenges,they can contain a huge list of dyes.View the specific dye list to see if one drops in a box.

wildstar dyes

Trunk of Tarnished Tints:Drop,Path Reward Bags,Challenges(Back to Basic,Bursting Their Bubble,Capital Trash,Dan’s Dancer Evolution,Diary Detritus Deliverance,Experiment Escapees,Fortune’s Adveritsing,Help Wanted,One Exile’s Trash ,Shipside Deliver,Supply Run,Thayd Sprint,The Slank in The Landing.

Case of Coordinated Colors:Drop,Challenge(Animal Annihilation,Bite the Dust,Coastal Scarhide Executioner,Efficiency is Key,Garr Egg Squish,Holo-Visions,Hot Feet,Incorruptible,Life Splice,Living Stone,Loot of the Lost,Lumos Drifter Lure,Plasma Donors,Race to the Top,Rock Climer,Sticky Supplier,Storming the Flamedancers,Tanglevine Trouble.Targeted Obsolescence,Tending the Garden,Tune Out,Vile Evisceration.Waterlogged.What’s in the Box)

Duffel Bag of Distinguished Dyes:Dungeon Drop
Pouch of Pristine Pigments:Dungeon Drop
Boom Box:Obtained by playing Beta or Preordering.Can contain a myriad of items and dyes are among those.not a reliable source of dyes.

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