FIFA’s online modes come short with no changes

FIFA’s online modes come short with no changes from previous titles. Online Seasons, Co-op seasons, Pro Clubs, and Online friendlies remain untouched. The modes all work as they should but offer no real depth. Even navigating the menus for the most part have the same artwork as last year. This makes the modes feel dated just from a visual standpoint.epjtihri8ouwwv3xqhed (1)

We can’t help but look in envy at what other sports games like NBA 2K are doing with the whole “create your own superstar” modes. With a little attention Pro Clubs could be the biggest and most enjoyable mode, however, all we have seen since its introduction 5 years ago is minor improvements. Our experiences online tell us that most Pro Clubs feature 3 – 4 human players. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control the forwards, midfielders or defenders thus splitting the work rather than constantly blaming the guy playing “Any” who is controlling all the non-human players!

Whilst we all realize the importance of Ultimate Team to the EA SPORTS business model, it often leaves many fans (particularly the older players) feeling like the game modes lack depth. Our website is so many options available to FIFA 15  Coins and we have professional online for you and your friends, and they are truly basic in your nature. Win matches and work your way up the leagues is pretty much the concept behind 90% of the modes.

Ultimate Team adds the ability to build a team based on the luck of opening packs, which although extremely fun and highly addictive, doesn’t immerse a player like the dream of an online Career Mode.After launch we have encountered some issues with online play, particularly with instances of lag that have never really been an issue in previous FIFA titles. We envisage that these are teething issues and hope that changes will be made to address the current online issues.