Electronic Arts Has Been Released

Electronic Arts is nearing the release of its latest football ‘simulator’, FIFA 15, and in preparation for the launch they have been releasing updates about the game that players can expect when it comes out.

FIFA 15 is set to release on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. The PC is also getting a release that comes as a surprise for PC gamers. Portable hand-helds like the PSVita will also get a ported release of the game. Not all features will be available for all consoles however.

Some features will be console exclusive, like the Ultimate Team Legends mode. This mode will exclusively be available only for Xbox users.

The company has revealed the official cover of the game that features Lionel Messi again but he is not alone this time. For FIFA 15, he is accompanied by the United States team player Clint Dempsey.

EA Sports has stressed the graphical improvements that FIFA 15 has over the previous FIFA games. One such improvement includes AI-emotional intelligence where the football AI in-game reacts accordingly to the plays that the player is making. EA claims that this is to add a realistic and natural feel to the matches played.

Graphical improvements that helps add more realism to the game include improved lighting, atmosphere, and a more dynamic audience. In-game players will even notice minute details such as breathe in and out portrayal during close ups and cut scenes. Also, hair will flow with the movement of the wind and the movement of the footballers.

In-game player kits have also been designed to move and rustle realistically as well as get muddy and dirty as the match goes on. The playing field itself also benefits from realistic improvements such as getting noticeably worn out from the prints that boots leave and skid marks from slide tackling. It is still unclear on whether these skid marks will have a noticeable effect on the ball’s behavior.

The last of these graphical improvements include features such as the corner flags, which will react visibly if a ball hits it, the goal posts that rattle when a ball hits it, as well as the net that rises from the ground whenever a goal is scored.

The latest update from EA is its inclusion of the Turkish league into the game. Staples such as the Barclays Premier League will also of course make a return. Other features such as the Transfer Market will also be made available to FIFA 15.So you must want to play ,it is time to fight side and side with your friends added FIFA 15 coins.