3DM reported that it’s been able to crack the latest DRM system

3DM has reported that it’s been able to crack the latest DRM system, Denuvo, that was used in FIFA 15, Lords of the Fallen and Dragon Age: Inquisition.Denuvo has been a great DRM system as it was able to protect FIFA 15 for two months and Lords of the Fallen for one whole month.

And since Dragon Age: Inquisition – Bioware’s highly anticipated RPG – has been released with this DRM, this particular scene group a Chinese team decided to prove that everything can – eventually – be ‘unlocked.’As always, we do not allow links so there is really no reason at all attempting to share one – your comments will be deleted.Denuvo reminded us of Starforce; another DRM system that took crackers a while to crack.

Some users also claimed that Denuvo was responsible for damaging their SSDs, while others claimed that Lords of the Fallen’s performance issues were due to this particular DRM system.Before closing, we should note that the Chinese team has cracked the DRM system only. This does not mean that there is any working crack at the moment, however it opens up the road for ones.

It will be interesting to see what the team responsible for this DRM will do about this whole thing, and whether it will further enhance or tweak it in order to counter-attack the attempts of the scene groups.FIFA 15 releases uncrackable, protected from pirates. It sells about the same as FIFA 14 though. Where is the dramatic spike in sales from all the previously “lost sales” that should now be coming in?  And can somebody tell me, where are cheap FIFA 15 coins for me or my friends?

Lords of the Fallen releases uncrackable. With no pirates to decrease the sales, surely this must score much higher than other games which are pirated to heII and back, right? FIFA fans might just all be so loyal they’ve always been buying the game.Dragon Age Inquisition releases uncrackable. Despite no pirates hurting this, it sells about as expected. It doesn’t even manage to top the charts anywhere though. Games that have cracks out for them and are being pirated are still outselling this one. That is a possible!