FIFA 15 Football Pioneer

Football is a sport which can make people excited, and now tour industry development homes will be able to make someone feel of this exciting game.Recently Samsung launched a soccer game of the 11 man football pioneer,game in which our competitors are not humans, but they have become the aliens, war between the planet must be done by football elite, our well-known soccer stars like Messi, Ronaldo, aier·shalawei, and so on all have their presence in the game.


11man football pioneer


Game play is simple, take a virtual joystick and button operation mode, the virtual joystick control player movement direction, press the key corresponding to passing and shooting, when the ball is not in our feetkeys will be automatically transferred to the substitution, and tackleGame screens are very real, players on the pitch wearing the clothes sense of science and technology, and spectacular goals for playback after system will allow players to have a sense of accomplishment.


11man football pioneer


Game play goes without saying, is to put the ball into the opposing team‘s goal while stopping opponent put the ball into our own goal. Games do not foul the system, we can all fight. In addition, since it is and fight powerful aliens, how could we without special skills, the system is configured individually for each player a prop, which greatly increases the lethality of the player.