2015 Super Bowl Fantasy Football Team

Fantasy Pro Bowl?! Yes, it is a thing. Thank goodness, for degenerates like us.

Draft Kings keeps our money-grab fantasies alive with the Pro Bowl-Super Bowl “Desert Bowl.” See, daily fantasy laws require there to be more than one game on the schedule, so they combine the Super Bowl with the Pro Bowl here. Pure DFS genius.
This is a tricky one because Pro Bowl playing time tends to vary widely, but if you’re in, we’re in.



You might love the talent and the wide-open Pro Bowl, but there is no telling how much the Pro Bowl quarterbacks will play. It is more likely the backups who will get the bulk of the duty when the game is most loose in the second half.

If you roll the dice on a Pro Bowl guy, go with a bargain like Andy Dalton…seriously. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice for all those who criticize him for even being in the game?

The Super Bowl quarterbacks are the more wise selections. We would rather have Russell Wilson attacking the Pats with the play-action pass than Tom Brady facing the No. 1 pass defense in football.