What Are Different Play Mode Between NBA 2K, FIFA, Madden 18

Owners model has been spent four years, because most of EA’s attention has been concentrated in other places, while other sports games are also moving forward. NBA 2K has launched an owner mode where you can download user-created uniforms and arena so that you can create almost any desired team. NHL is introducing this year’s expansion capability. Both have a better, smarter owner pattern that can serve as a useful template for Madden 18.

In addition, there are a lot of core franchise models still lack real players personality, or have the ability to alliance with the legendary players on your list. FIFA randomly generates a football manager-like storyline, including the ability to assign the team to any league you want. If it can be said that the packaging workers on the eastern part of AFC, just to change the landscape, is not it good? Of course, this is impossible in real life, but it is fantasy. Everything is possible.

So compared with other games, the play mode of Madden 18 need to be improve, of course, this also need to take time, and the play mode in Madden has been better year after year, and the story mode were released in Madden 18 is welcomed by many Madden 18 fans, so we need to be optimistic attitude for the upcoming Madden 18.

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