FFXIV Players Have Been Aching To Explore Since The Game Launched

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, the latest expansion for the online MMO. More importantly, Final Fantasy XIV is available right now for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with Stormblood was launched on June 20 for the former two platforms. Stormblood just launched for a several day, at least for those who pre-ordered, and it’s already off to a not so stellar start.

Final Fantasy XIV

In fact, in the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood, one of the most cumbersome elements, is the return of Aether Currents. The feature was introduced in the first expansion Heavensward, and it requires players to scour areas while crawling on the ground to find and activate spots that would finally allow them to fly, on top of completing a bunch of quests. With the release of new expansion, gamers are about to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling to enjoy the game.

It’s truly a celebration of all things Final Fantasy, with every player at the forefront of their own journey as the Warrior of Light. The latest expansion, Stormblood, spins a tale of revolution, moving the action across the world into lands players have been aching to explore since the game first launched.

It should be noted that Stormblood doesn’t just add new quests and locales. It also comes with sweeping revisions to gameplay, including two new playable jobs (Red Mage and Samurai), underwater diving, new abilities for crafters and gatherers, and an overhaul to the combat system. Gamers can continue to keep an eye on FFXIV4GIL to view more the latest update, including hot news, pretty screenshots and useful guides.