MU Legend: The MMORPG Title Focused On A Dynamic PvP

MU Legend will offer the possibility of playing truly gameplay, including four playable classes: Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage. Webzen has confirmed that MU Legend has great potential. The Global OBT, which will start in September this year. But for the long being, according to Richard Moon, head of global business at Webzen, there is no concrete date yet.

MU Legend

This MMORPG title, focused on a dynamic PvP. In fact, gamers can share with the community their experience and opinions on this next title. Specifically, the Global OBT will begin in September, so hurry to go to its official page to have the chance to test the title by then. For more information on MU Legend, we invite you to visit here.

In the community, where we can meet new people and of course keep in touch with our friends. Anyway, if you have noticed, the Global OBT is coming, you can register on its official page to have the opportunity to test the game before its release. In the course of playing game, you will be able to enjoy huge PvP battles. Some official trailers and more new videos have also been revealed.

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