Share Your Character Builds With New Albion Online Tool

Sandbox Interactive officially launches its Builds tool for Albion Online.

In the style of LOL Builders, but without so much statistics, the guys at Sandbox Interactive have officially launched a tool for their MMORPG Albion Online that will be of great help to all less experienced or curious users who want to know what type of build they use the rest Of players.

The tool is online, through its website, and is called Character Builder.

Players will be able to publish their builds or those who think they can go both to fight solo and in groups. The tool has a series of very useful filters, being really intuitive and easy to use.

We have to select the type of build we want to look for, whether it is for solo or group and the type of weapon we want to use. They will have all the information available, from the spells, passives and the recommended food, as well as a review commentary explaining a little how to use it.

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